Biology: Bones

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Biology: Bones.

1. How many bones are in the human body?
a. 113
b. 206
c. 34
d. 458
e. 181

2. True or False: About 70% of your bones are living tissue.

3. What hard mineral is the main element in our bones?
a. Magnesium
b. Iron
c. Calcium
d. Potassium
e. Zinc

4. What is in the center of our bones?
a. Cortical Bone
b. Cartilage
c. Trabecular Bone
d. Bone Marrow
e. Concellous Bone

5. Yellow bone marrow mostly consists of what type of cells?
a. Nerve Cells
b. Fat Cells
c. Blood Cells
d. Skin Cells
e. Stem Cells

6. True or False: When we are born, all of our bones have red marrow.

7. Which of the following is an example of a ball and socket joint?
a. Knee
b. Shoulder
c. Elbow
d. Both a and b
e. All of the Above

8. What is the purpose of cartilage?
a. To prevent bones from wearing out
b. To provide a smooth, durable material for joints
c. To allow bones to rub against each other
d. All of the Above
e. None of the Above

9. What tough tissue grows over a broken bone during the healing process?
a. Collagen
b. Trabecular Bone
c. Concellous Bone
d. Red Bone Marrow
e. Yellow Bone Marrow

10. What should you drink to make your bones stronger?
a. Soda
b. Coffee
c. Sports Drinks
d. Milk
e. Energy Drinks

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