World War II Timeline

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World War II Timeline.

1. What event triggered the start of World War II?
a. Hitler came into power
b. Germany annexed Austria
c. Japan attacked Pearl Harbor
d. Germany attacked Poland
e. Winston Churchill became leader of Britain

2. What year did World War II begin?
a. 1933
b. 1935
c. 1939
d. 1941
e. 1942

3. What was the name of the long running air attack of Germany on Great Britain that lasted from July 1940 until October 1940?
a. Battle of Britain
b. D-Day
c. Battle of the Bulge
d. Battle of Iwo Jima
e. Battle of London

4. What was the battle where the Allies attacked Germany on the coast of France and pushed back the Germans?
a. Battle of the Allies
b. D-Day
c. Invasion of France
d. Battle of Stalingrad
e. Battle of Britain

5. What day was the invasion of Normandy or D-Day?
a. 30-Sep-39
b. 12-Oct-40
c. 7-Dec-41
d. 7-May-45
e. 6-Jun-44

6. What caused the United States to enter the war on the side of the Allies?
a. When Germany invaded France
b. When Germany invaded Poland
c. When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor
d. When Britain and France declared war on Germany
e. When Russia entered the war

7. What date was the attack on Pearl Harbor?
a. 30-Sep-39
b. 7-Dec-41
c. 6-Jun-44
d. 7-May-45
e. 2-Sep-45

8. What Japanese city did the United State drop the atomic bomb on first?
a. Hiroshima
b. Nagasaki
c. Tokyo
d. Osaka
e. Kyoto

9. What year did Hitler become leader of Germany?
a. 1929
b. 1930
c. 1933
d. 1939
e. 1940

10. Who became president when Franklin D. Roosevelt died in 1945?
a. Dwight D. Eisenhower
b. Winston Churchill
c. John F. Kennedy
d. Harry S. Truman
e. Herbert Hoover

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