The Marshall Plan

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The Marshall Plan.

1. Who was the Marshall Plan named after?
a. Secretary of State George Marshall
b. President Marshall
c. Thurgood Marshall
d. Chief Justice John Marshall
e. Vice President Thomas Marshall

2. What did the Marshall Plan do?
a. Punished war criminals
b. Divided Germany into East and West Germany
c. Provided aid to countries recovering from World War II
d. Divided Korea into North and South Korea
e. Built up nuclear weapons for the Cold War

3. Why did many countries in Europe need help from the United States?
a. Because many were in debt from World War II
b. Because their infrastructure was destroyed by the fighting in the war
c. Because their economies were struggling
d. Because many of their roads, bridges, and cities had been bombed
e. All of the above

4. What gave the US an advantage in the world economy and enabled them to help Europe?
a. The US had the atom bomb and everyone was scared of them
b. Most of the US was never attacked by the Axis Powers
c. The US did not spend much money on soldiers or weapons during the war
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

5. How much in aid did the United States provide through the Marshall Plan?
a. $20 million
b. $100 million
c. $1 billion
d. $2 billion
e. $13 billion

6. True or False: The Russians took a significant amount of aid from the United States.

7. What major Axis Power was not part of the Marshall Plan, but did receive aid from the United States?
a. Soviet Union
b. Hungary
c. Germany
d. Japan
e. Romania

8. Who said that the Marshall Plan was the most unsordid act in history?
a. Winston Churchill
b. George Marshall
c. Joseph Stalin
d. Emperor Hirohito
e. Margaret Thatcher

9. What award did George Marshall receive in 1953 for his work on the Marshall Plan?
a. Humanitarian Award
b. Freedom Award
c. Nobel Peace Prize
d. Pulitzer Award
e. Charlemagne Prize

10. True or False: Despite its good intentions, the Marshall Plan did little to help the economies of the European countries to recover.

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