WW2 in the Pacific

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WW2 in the Pacific.

1. What country was the main Axis power in the Pacific theater of World War II?
a. Soviet Union
b. China
c. Japan
d. United States
e. Australia

2. What Prime Minister of Japan pushed for Japan to attack the United States?
a. Hirohito
b. Hideki Tojo
c. Osami Nagano
d. Yamamoto
e. Fumimaro Konoe

3. What day did Japan attack Pearl Harbor?
a. 2-Sep-39
b. 31-Oct-40
c. 17-May-41
d. 7-Dec-41
e. 4-Jul-42

4. True or False: Japan achieved their main goal in attacking Pearl Harbor when the United States entered World War II on side of the Allied Powers.

5. What did the United States victory at the Battle of Midway do for the Americans in the war?
a. It weakened the Japanese by sinking four aircraft carriers
b. It gave the Americans cause for hope
c. It was a turning point in the war
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

6. The picture of marines raising a flag that was used for the Marine Corps Memorial was taken on what island?
a. Guadalcanal
b. Honshu
c. Shikoku
d. Mikura
e. Iwo Jima

7. When the Japanese forces withdrew to mainland Japan, what did the United States decide to do?
a. Invade Japan even though it would likely cost the lives of 1 million soldiers
b. Leave Japan alone and enact economic sanctions
c. Drop the atomic bomb on the city of Hiroshima
d. Leave the invasion of Japan up to the Chinese
e. Put a permanent blockade around the country of Japan

8. What US general accepted the surrender of the Japanese forces?
a. Douglas MacArthur
b. Dwight D. Eisenhower
c. Omar Bradley
d. George Marshall
e. George S. Patton

9. What were Kamikaze attacks?
a. A very fast attack with overwhelming forces
b. An attack using combined navy and air force units
c. When the US forces would land on the shore of an island
d. When Japanese planes would purposely crash into US ships
e. A surprise attack from a soldier hidden in a hole in the ground

10. Why did the Japanese want to take over other countries?
a. Because they were worried that the other countries would attack them
b. Because they felt they needed the natural resources to become a major world power
c. Because the other countries attacked them first
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

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