WW2 Glossary and Terms

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Questions on this quiz are based on information from
WW2 Glossary and Terms.

1. This is a type of government run by a powerful dictator such as Hitler or Mussolini.
a. Democracy
b. Communism
c. Socialism
d. Fascism
e. Monarchy

2. The policy of many European countries towards Hitler when he took over Austria:
a. Strong arm
b. Declare war
c. Appeasement
d. Congratulate
e. Sanction

3. The term for a fast and overwhelming attack meaning lightning war:
a. RAF
b. Kamikaze
c. Fascism
d. Fuhrer
e. Blitzkrieg

4. The name of the political party led by Adolf Hitler:
a. Nazi
b. Democrat
c. Whig
d. Tory
e. Republican

5. The name of the research and development project of the atomic bomb:
a. The Nuclear Program
b. The Oppenheimer Project
c. The Little Boy Program
d. The Manhattan Project
e. Project Secret Sauce

6. The name for the fearsome Nazi German police force:
a. Fuhrer
b. Kamikaze
c. Gestapo
d. Blitzkrieg
e. Wehrmacht

7. The name of the alliance of countries with major powers Germany, Japan, and Italy:
a. Axis Powers
b. Eastern Bloc
c. Allied Powers
d. United Nations
e. League of Nations

8. A term that Hitler and the Nazis used to refer to the extermination of the Jewish people:
a. The Holocaust
b. The Final Solution
c. The Darwin Plan
d. The Goering Project
e. The Gestapo

9. What does RAF stand for?
a. Romanian Army Force
b. Regal Association of Fighters
c. Royal Air Force
d. Restricted Access Formation
e. Royal Army of France

10. What was it called when Japanese fighter planes would deliberately crash into US warships?
a. Luftwaffe
b. Nazi
c. Blitzkrieg
d. Final Solution
e. Kamikaze

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