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Allied Powers.

1. Which nation below was NOT a member of the Allied Powers?
a. Great Britain
b. France
c. Poland
d. Germany
e. United States

2. What was the group of nations called that were fighting against the Allies?
a. The Nazis
b. The Axis Powers
c. The European Alliance
d. The Northern Powers
e. The Big Three

3. Who was the leader of Great Britain through much of World War II?
a. Margaret Thatcher
b. Joseph Stalin
c. Neville Chamberlain
d. Charles de Gaulle
e. Winston Churchill

4. What member of the Big Three Allies began the war on the side of Germany?
a. Russia
b. United States
c. France
d. China
e. Great Britain

5. Who was the leader of Russia during World War II?
a. Winston Churchill
b. Vladimir Putin
c. Joseph Stalin
d. Mikhail Gorbachev
e. Vladimir Lenin

6. In what country did Charles de Gaulle lead a freedom fighting force after it was taken over by the Germans?
a. Denmark
b. France
c. Italy
d. Belgium
e. Poland

7. What Allied leader made the decision to drop the atomic bomb?
a. Dwight D. Eisenhower
b. Harry S. Truman
c. Douglas MacArthur
d. Franklin D. Roosevelt
e. George Marshall

8. True or False: The Republic of China and the Communist Party of China joined together to fight against the Japanese during the war.

9. What United States general led the army in the Pacific and the fighting against Japan?
a. Dwight D. Eisenhower
b. George S. Patton
c. George Marshall
d. Douglas MacArthur
e. Bernard Montgomery

10. What Allied Power was invaded by Germany to start World War II?
a. Austria
b. France
c. Poland
d. Denmark
e. Great Britain

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