World War II - War Crime Trials

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World War II - War Crime Trials.

1. Which of the following is considered a war crime?
a. Killing prisoners of war
b. Killing hostages
c. Mistreating prisoners of war
d. Bombing cities without a military objective
e. All of the above

2. What war crime trials punished Nazi leaders including Hermann Goering?
a. Berlin Trials
b. Nuremberg Trials
c. Munich Trials
d. Frankfurt Trials
e. Hamburg Trials

3. True or False: Trials were also held in China and at concentration camps in Germany.

4. What was the punishment for the 12 men found guilty at the Nuremburg Trials?
a. Prison for life
b. Six months in prison
c. They were not allowed to hold public office
d. Execution
e. They were exiled from Germany

5. What was the main crime trial in Japan that punished Japanese leaders who committed war crimes?
a. Osaka Trials
b. Tokyo Trials
c. Kyoto Trials
d. Nagoya Trials
e. Hiroshima Trials

6. In what country did the Nuremberg Trials take place?
a. Japan
b. Austria
c. France
d. Germany
e. Belgium

7. Why wasn't Adolf Hitler placed on trial after World War II?
a. Because he committed suicide
b. Because he escaped to Brazil
c. Because he was innocent
d. Because they needed him to continue to lead Germany
e. Because he worked out a deal with the United States

8. What famous leader of Japan was put on trial and executed?
a. Emperor Hirohito
b. Shigeru Yoshida
c. Kiyomon Taira
d. Yorimoto Minamoto
e. Hideki Tojo

9. What happened to the Emperor Hirohito of Japan?
a. He was put on trial and executed for war crimes
b. He was put into prison
c. He was not put on trial and allowed to continue as a figurehead
d. He committed suicide
e. He moved to the United States

10. Why were many Nazi German doctors put on trial for crimes against humanity?
a. Mass killings of people based on race
b. Mass killings of the handicapped
c. They conducted experiments on people
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

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