Women of WW2

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Women of WW2.

1. Which of the following was NOT an area where women served in the US armed forces?
a. Nurses in army hospitals close to the fighting at the war front
b. Communication operators and warning analysts
c. Repair mechanics for various vehicles
d. Fighter pilots running bombing raids in Germany
e. Pilots of cargo planes

2. What did Rosie the Riveter inspire many women to do?
a. Join the army and fight
b. Become nurses that helped near the fighting
c. Take on tough factory jobs in the USA
d. Become spies for the Allies in Europe
e. Write love letters to their husbands at war

3. What did WASP stand for in the army?
a. Women Air Force Service Pilots
b. Women Association of Standard Professionals
c. Women Attack Squadron Pilots
d. Women Army Submarine Personnel
e. Women About Standing Patiently

4. What two people were influential in getting women into the military?
a. Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt
b. Eleanor Roosevelt and General Marshall
c. President Roosevelt and General MacArthur
d. General Eisenhower and Queen Elizabeth
e. Rosie the Riveter and Eleanor Roosevelt

5. About how many women were a part of the armed forces by the end of World War II?
a. 1,000
b. 5,000
c. 25,000
d. 75,000
e. 150,000

6. What was the name used by women who tried to demoralize the US soldiers in the Pacific, telling them on the radio that they could not win the war?
a. Wartime Sally
b. Osaka Flower
c. Kyoto Lily
d. Tokyo Rose
e. Judy Japan

7. What was Eva Braun famous for?
a. Flying fighter missions for the British
b. Helping Jewish people to hide in Nazi Germany
c. Being the mistress of Adolf Hitler
d. Being a sharpshooter for the Soviet army
e. She was a German spy in France

8. Which of the following was NOT something that Eleanor Roosevelt was famous for?
a. Supporting the Troops
b. Helping to get the WAC approved
c. Pushing for the Japanese American internment camps
d. Helped to boost moral on the US home front
e. Supporting Civil Rights

9. Who bravely stayed in London despite having the opportunity to go to a safer place?
a. Eleanor Roosevelt
b. Queen Elizabeth
c. Anne Frank
d. Sophie Scholl
e. Eva Braun

10. True or False: Women played a large role in World War II both in the armed forces and at the home front.

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