Invasion of Normandy

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Invasion of Normandy.

1. What is another name for the Invasion of Normandy?
a. Battle of France
b. Battle of the Bulge
c. D-Day
d. V-E Day
e. Invasion of France

2. Who was the main commander of the Allied Forces for the invasion?
a. Erwin Rommel
b. Dwight D. Eisenhower
c. George S. Patton
d. Bernard Montgomery
e. Douglas MacArthur

3. What group of soldiers led the first wave of invaders?
a. The generals
b. The submariners
c. The Calvary
d. The paratroopers
e. The medics

4. What country were the Allied Forces trying to free from the Germans with the Invasion of Normandy?
a. Soviet Union
b. Italy
c. Greece
d. Great Britain
e. France

5. On what two beaches did the American troops land at?
a. Gold and Juno
b. Sword and Utah
c. Omaha and Utah
d. Pointe du Hoc and Omaha
e. Juno and Sword

6. Which beach was it where the fighting was fierce and the Americans lost many lives?
a. Omaha
b. Gold
c. Utah
d. Juno
e. Sword

7. Who was the leader of the German forces during the Invasion of Normandy?
a. Dwight D. Eisenhower
b. Erwin Rommel
c. Adolf Hitler
d. Trafford Leigh-Mallory
e. Omar Bradley

8. What was the military name for the overall plans for invasion?
a. Operation Sea Lion
b. Operation Grey Sky
c. Operation Beach Landing
d. Operation Overlord
e. Operation Free France

9. True or False: The invasion was nearly cancelled due to bad weather.

10. How many Allied troops landed on the first day of the invasion?
a. 8,000
b. 15,000
c. 60,000
d. 90,000
e. 150,000

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