World War II - Causes

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World War II - Causes.

1. What was the name of the treaty signed between Germany and the Allied Powers to end World War 1?
a. Treaty of WW1
b. Treaty of Paris
c. Treaty of Germany
d. Treaty of Versailles
e. Treaty of Berlin

2. What country invaded China in 1937 in an effort to expand their empire?
a. Russia
b. Japan
c. France
d. Britain
e. United States

3. What type of government ruled by a dictator took control in Spain?
a. Fascism
b. Communism
c. Socialism
d. Democracy
e. Monarchy

4. What political party took control of the German government?
a. Democrat
b. Communist
c. Nazi
d. Republican
e. Labor

5. Who became dictator of Germany in 1934?
a. Franco
b. Mussolini
c. Stalin
d. Roosevelt
e. Hitler

6. True or False: Prior to World War II, the United States attempted to stay out of world issues.

7. What foreign policy tried to keep Hitler happy rather than punish him for taking over countries?
a. Imperialism
b. Appeasement
c. Isolationism
d. Internationalism
e. Containment

8. What worldwide economic crisis took place prior to World War 2?
a. Savings and Loan Crisis
b. Dot-com Bubble
c. Mortgage Crisis
d. Great Depression
e. Big Recession

9. True or False: By giving Hitler the country of Czechoslovakia, Britain and France almost prevented World War 2.

10. Which of the following was a cause that helped lead to World War 2?
a. The rise of fascism
b. Harsh treatment of Germany by the Treaty of Versailles
c. Appeasement of aggressive countries
d. Great Depression
e. All of the above

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