Battle of Stalingrad

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Battle of Stalingrad.

1. Where was the city of Stalingrad located?
a. On the Volga River in Poland
b. On the Rhine River in Germany
c. On the Volga River in the Soviet Union
d. On the Rhine River in France
e. On the Baltic Sea in Russia

2. Why was the Battle of Stalingrad important?
a. Because Germany gained control of a major Russian city
b. Because Germany lost so many soldiers they never recovered
c. Because it caused the Soviet Union to stop fighting
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

3. Who was the leader of the Soviet troops during the Battle of Stalingrad?
a. Georgy Zhukov
b. Ivan Konev
c. Joseph Stalin
d. Nicolai Vatutin
e. Ivan Isakov

4. About how many soldiers did each side have during the battle?
a. 50,000
b. 100,000
c. 300,000
d. 600,000
e. 1 million

5. What happened at the start of the Battle of the Stalingrad?
a. The Germans bombed the Volga River
b. The Germans bombed the city into rubble
c. The Germans took over much of the city
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

6. What happened near the end of the battle to make the Germans finally surrender?
a. The Soviet Union threatened the Germans with an atomic bomb
b. The Soviets attacked killing pretty much all of the German troops
c. The Germans were surrounded by Soviet Troops and began to starve to death
d. The Germans thought that the Soviets would let them go home
e. The Germans and the Soviets came to a truce

7. What did Hitler do to General Friedrich Paulus when he found out he surrendered?
a. He honored him with a parade for his bravery
b. He stripped him of rank and held a national day of mourning
c. He thanked him for trying so hard
d. He promoted him and hoped he would be okay in captivity
e. He tried to rescue him from the Soviet Union

8. Around how many German soldiers died in the battle?
a. 10,000
b. 40,000
c. 150,000
d. 400,000
e. 750,000

9. When did the German army at Stalingrad surrender?
a. 7-Mar-42
b. 1-Sep-42
c. 7-Nov-42
d. 2-Feb-43
e. 1-Jan-44

10. True or False: Despite such a large battle going on, the city and buildings of Stalingrad took very little damage.

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