Battle of Britain

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Battle of Britain.

1. What country attacked Britain in the Battle of Britain?
a. France
b. Soviet Union
c. Italy
d. Germany
e. Spain

2. What was the main goal Hitler wanted to accomplish by bombing the British air force in the Battle of Britain?
a. To keep them from attacking his troops in France
b. To destroy the air force in preparation to invade Britain
c. To prove his air force was stronger
d. To keep the British on the defense
e. To stop them from bombing Germany

3. What year did the Battle of Britain take place?
a. 1938
b. 1939
c. 1940
d. 1941
e. 1942

4. What new technology helped the British air force in defending against the Germans?
a. Radar
b. Internet
c. Radio
d. Computers
e. Telephone

5. What was the air force of Great Britain called?
a. The Royal Sky Force
b. The English Air Fighters
c. The London Air Force
d. The Flying Brits
e. The Royal Air Force

6. Why did Hitler finally stop bombing Great Britain?
a. Because he ran out of fighter planes
b. Because he needed his air force to help with the invasion of Russia
c. Because he no longer wanted to take over Britain
d. Because he did not want to hurt innocent people in the cities
e. Because the Germans signed a peace treaty with Britain

7. True or False: The Battle of Britain lasted a couple of days and then was over.

8. What was the air force of Germany called?
a. The German Air Force
b. The Nazi Air Force
c. The Great Air Force
d. The Third Reich
e. The Luftwaffe

9. What advantage helped the British to win the battle?
a. The British were fighting for their homeland
b. The British were defending and fighting over their own territory
c. The British had radar
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

10. What city was bombed for 57 nights in a row during the Battle of Britain?
a. Manchester
b. Birmingham
c. Paris
d. London
e. Newcastle

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