World War II - Bataan Death March

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World War II - Bataan Death March.

1. What and where is Bataan?
a. An Island near Hawaii
b. A city in Japan
c. A peninsula in the Philippines
d. A river in China
e. A mountain on the Island of Guadalcanal

2. Who were the prisoners that were forced to march on the Bataan Death March?
a. American and Filipino soldiers
b. French and British soldiers
c. Japanese soldiers
d. Russian and Chinese soldiers
e. Australian and Indonesian soldiers

3. What country had just captured the Philippines and forced the soldiers on the march?
a. China
b. Australia
c. Germany
d. Italy
e. Japan

4. Around how many soldiers were forced to march?
a. 2,000
b. 15,000
c. 76,000
d. 110,000
e. 250,000

5. How long was the distance of the Bataan Death March?
a. 2 miles
b. 10 miles
c. 25 miles
d. 80 miles
e. Over 300 miles

6. True or False: The Japanese were not expecting so many prisoners and didn't know what to do with them.

7. What happened to the soldiers at the end of the march?
a. They were set free
b. They were put into a prison camp
c. They were shot
d. They were put on ships to Japan
e. All of the above

8. Around how many soldiers died during the march?
a. 50
b. 200
c. 800
d. 2000
e. Over 5000

9. Why did the soldiers become weak and tired during the march?
a. Because they were not in very good shape
b. Because they were forced to carry their own food
c. Because they were not given water or food
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

10. Who was the commander of the U.S. forces who evacuated prior to the march?
a. General Eisenhower
b. General Patton
c. General Bradley
d. General MacArthur
e. General Marshall

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