World War I - Russian Revolution

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World War I - Russian Revolution.

1. Who ruled Russia before the Russian Revolution?
a. The king
b. The emperor
c. The Tsar
d. The Consuls
e. Elected officials

2. What type of government ruled Russia after the Russian Revolution?
a. Socialist
b. Republic
c. Democratic
d. Communist
e. Monarchy

3. Who was the main leader of the Russian Revolution?
a. Vladimir Lenin
b. Joseph Stalin
c. Vladimir Putin
d. Mikhail Gorbachev
e. Leonid Brezhnev

4. What major event took place in 1905 when peasants were killed while marching on the Tsar's palace?
a. February Revolution
b. Storming of the Bastille
c. Bolshevik Revolution
d. Moscow Massacre
e. Bloody Sunday

5. After the Revolution, Russia experienced civil war between the Red Army and the _____ Army.
a. White
b. Blue
c. Purple
d. Gold
e. Green

6. What war started in 1914 where millions of Russian soldiers were killed?
a. Afghanistan War
b. World War I
c. Crimean War
d. World War II
e. Great Northern War

7. What was the name of the new country formed after the Russian Revolution?
a. Ukraine
b. Russian Federation
c. Soviet Union
d. Communist Russia
e. Warsaw

8. Who was the last Russian Tsar?
a. Tsar Peter II
b. Tsar Catherine I
c. Tsar Ivan IV
d. Tsar Alexander III
e. Tsar Nicholas II

9. What was the first stage of the Russian Revolution called when the people first took control from the Tsar?
a. Bolshevik Revolution
b. October Revolution
c. First Revolution
d. February Revolution
e. April Revolution

10. What powerful political group took control of Russia in October and established a communist government?
a. Bolsheviks
b. Yabloko
c. Democrats
d. Republicans
e. Rodinas

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