World War I - Causes

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World War I - Causes.

1. What three European countries signed an alliance called the Triple Entente?
a. Germany, Russia, Italy
b. Italy, Austria, Poland
c. France, Britain, Russia
d. France, Spain, Netherlands
e. Austria, Germany, Italy

2. What is it called when a country expands its influence and power into a large empire?
a. Despotism
b. Communism
c. Socialism
d. Imperialism
e. Absolutism

3. Which two countries had become wealthy through creating vast worldwide empires?
a. Britain and France
b. Germany and France
c. Russia and Britain
d. Russia and Germany
e. Germany and Britain

4. What single event triggered the start of World War I?
a. The bombing of Pearl Harbor
b. The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand
c. Germany invaded Poland
d. The alliance formed between Germany and Austria
e. The death of the Tsar of Russia

5. Who was Archduke Ferdinand?
a. The leader of Germany's armed forces
b. The future Tsar of Russia
c. The heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary
d. The British ambassador to Germany
e. The leader of the French government

6. What country declared war on Serbia at the very start of World War I?
a. Germany
b. Russia
c. Italy
d. France
e. Austria-Hungary

7. Why do some historians believe that Germany wanted to start World War I?
a. Germany felt that the war was going to happen
b. Germany felt surrounded by enemies
c. Germany felt that the sooner the war began, the better chance they had
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

8. Which side was the United States on at the start of the war?
a. Germany and Austria
b. Britain and France
c. The United States was neutral at the start of the war
d. All of the above

9. Which of the following was a cause that contributed to the start of World War I?
a. Imperialism
b. Secret Alliances
c. Politics
d. National pride
e. All of the above

10. World War I was mostly fought between the countries of what continent?
a. Africa
b. Asia
c. Europe
d. North America
e. South America

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