World War I - Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand

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World War I - Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand.

1. Archduke Ferdinand was the heir to the throne of what European empire?
a. Germany
b. Serbia
c. France
d. Bulgaria
e. Austria-Hungary

2. Who was the wife of Archduke Ferdinand?
a. Elizabeth
b. Sophie
c. Mary
d. Victoria
e. Anna

3. What war began over the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand?
a. World War II
b. Civil War
c. Revolutionary War
d. World War I
e. Vietnam War

4. In what city did the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand take place?
a. Sarajevo
b. Belgrade
c. Vienna
d. Salzburg
e. Budapest

5. What was the name of the group that conspired to kill the Archduke?
a. Dark Sky
b. Secret Night
c. Black Hand
d. Red Scare
e. Death Grip

6. True or False: There had been an earlier attempt to kill the Archduke with a bomb, but it bounced off of the car.

7. Who was Gavrilo Princip?
a. The driver of the Archduke's car
b. The Archduke's Uncle
c. The president of Bosnia
d. The assassin who shot the Archduke and his wife
e. The leader of the Bosnian secret police

8. Where was the Archduke when he was shot?
a. Giving a speech
b. Sleeping in bed
c. Eating dinner
d. Walking over a bridge
e. Riding in a car

9. Who did Austria-Hungary blame for the assassination?
a. Bosnia
b. Russia
c. Serbia
d. Germany
e. France

10. What country was allied with Austria-Hungary and was prepared to go to war with them?
a. Russia
b. Germany
c. France
d. Britain
e. United States

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