First Transcontinental Railroad

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First Transcontinental Railroad.

1. During which decade was the First Transcontinental Railroad constructed?
a. 1790s
b. 1820s
c. 1860s
d. 1910s
e. 1940s

2. Which route did Congress select for the First Transcontinental Railroad?
a. Southern route
b. Northern route
c. Westward route
d. Middle route
e. Central route

3. Which president signed the Pacific Railroad Act into law?
a. Abraham Lincoln
b. James Polk
c. John Tyler
d. Andrew Johnson
e. Thomas Jefferson

4. What railroad company started in California and worked their way east?
a. California Railroad
b. Central Pacific Railroad
c. West Coast Railroad
d. Union Pacific Railroad
e. Sacramento Railroad

5. How were the railroad companies paid?
a. By the hour
b. By the year
c. By the day
d. By the mile
e. They built the railroad for free

6. Most of the workers for the Union Pacific Railroad came from what country?
a. Ireland
b. Italy
c. Russia
d. Africa
e. They were Native Americans

7. True or False: Native Americans were happy to have the railroad running through their land.

8. In what state did the two railroads finally meet?
a. California
b. Nevada
c. Utah
d. Arizona
e. Colorado

9. Around how long was the First Transcontinental Railroad?
a. 299 miles
b. 507 miles
c. 914 miles
d. 1776 miles
e. 3045 miles

10. Which of the following was NOT a state that the railroad passed through?
a. Utah
b. Nebraska
c. California
d. Nevada
e. Oregon

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the First Transcontinental Railroad page at /history/westward_expansion/first_transcontinental_railroad.php.

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