Westward Expansion - Cowboys

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Westward Expansion - Cowboys.

1. What was a typical job for a cowboy in the American West?
a. Herd cattle
b. Take care of horses
c. Repair fences
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

2. What was it called when a large herd of cattle was moved from the ranch to the market?
a. Wrangling
b. Cattle drive
c. Market run
d. Steak sale
e. Roundup

3. What was the job of the wrangler?
a. Cook the meals
b. Brand the cattle
c. Mend the clothes
d. Lead the cattle drive
e. Keep track of the extra horses

4. How did cowboys know which cattle belonged to what ranch?
a. By the brand
b. By the color
c. By the ears
d. By the hooves
e. They couldn't tell

5. Besides the horse, what was the most important possession of a cowboy?
a. Hat
b. Spurs
c. Chaps
d. Saddle
e. Boots

6. What was the punishment for stealing a cowboy's horse?
a. Slap on the hand
b. Month in jail
c. Hanging
d. Banishment
e. No punishment as horses were free

7. What did cowboys wear to protect their legs from sharp bushes and cacti?
a. Bandanas
b. Leggings
c. Chaps
d. Slacks
e. Wranglers

8. What is a sports competition designed around the daily jobs of a cowboy called?
a. Horse match
b. Rodeo
c. Cowboy code
d. Rancher
e. Western

9. Which of the following was NOT a term used to describe an experienced cowboy?
a. Cowpuncher
b. Cowpoke
c. Buckaroo
d. Cowhand
e. Tenderfoot

10. What was a popular musical instrument for cowboys?
a. Piano
b. Trumpet
c. Bass
d. Harmonica
e. Oboe

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Westward Expansion - Cowboys page at /history/westward_expansion/cowboys.php.

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