California Gold Rush

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California Gold Rush.

1. What year did the gold rush in California begin?
a. 1492
b. 1619
c. 1776
d. 1848
e. 1918

2. Where was gold first discovered in California?
a. Comstock Lode
b. Sutter's Mill
c. San Francisco
d. Sacramento
e. Lowell Mills

3. What was the nickname for people who moved to California during the gold rush?
a. Coasters
b. Carpet Baggers
c. Surfers
d. Raiders
e. Forty Niners

4. What state was admitted as the 31st member of the United States?
a. California
b. Arizona
c. Oregon
d. Utah
e. Nevada

5. True or False: Some store owners became rich selling gold prospectors their supplies.

6. What were towns called that grew rapidly when gold was discovered nearby?
a. Rush towns
b. Cities of gold
c. Boomtowns
d. Golden towns
e. Ghost towns

7. What was it called when miners used pans to separate dirt from gold?
a. Panning for dollars
b. Dirt panning
c. Pan searching
d. Panning for gold
e. Gold sifting

8. What were towns called that were abandoned once the gold was gone?
a. Empty cities
b. Ghost towns
c. Bust towns
d. Lonelyvilles
e. Boomtowns

9. Around how many people moved to California in 1849 to mine for gold?
a. 1,000
b. 5,000
c. 20,000
d. 90,000
e. 250,000

10. True or False: Despite the hype, very little gold was mined during the California gold rush.

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the California Gold Rush page at /history/westward_expansion/california_gold_rush.php.

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