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Questions on this quiz are based on information from
US Government - Electoral College.

1. What political official is elected through the Electoral College?
a. Senators
b. Secretary of State
c. President
d. Speaker of the House
e. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

2. Who places the actual vote for president?
a. Members of Congress
b. The general population
c. The governor of each state
d. Electors
e. Judges

3. True or False: Not all electors have to vote for the person they say they represent.

4. Who picks the electors from each state?
a. The governor
b. Judges
c. It is different in each state
d. The people vote for a specific elector
e. It is random

5. Which two states split up the electors between candidates?
a. Georgia and Alabama
b. New York and Vermont
c. Washington and California
d. Texas and New Mexico
e. Maine and Nebraska

6. How many electors does each state get?
a. Two
b. One for each member of Congress
c. Twelve
d. It is based on the amount of taxes the state paid
e. It is based on the geographical size of the state

7. What is the typical way that states divide their electors between candidates?
a. The winner gets all the electoral votes
b. They are split between the candidates based on the number of votes they got
c. Each candidate gets the same number of electors
d. Each candidate gets to pick how many electors they want

8. True or False: There has never been an occasion where the winner did not get the most popular votes.

9. How many electoral votes are there?
a. 50
b. 100
c. 538
d. 1045
e. 5000

10. How many electoral votes are needed to win the presidential election?
a. 26
b. 51
c. 112
d. 270
e. 800

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the US Government - Electoral College page at /history/us_government/electoral_college.php.

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