US Government - Eighth Amendment

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US Government - Eighth Amendment.

1. What is the main protection offered by the Eighth Amendment?
a. Protections of the freedom of religion
b. Protection of the right to a trial by jury
c. Protection of the right to bear arms
d. Protection from cruel and unusual punishment for crimes
e. Protection of the right to Privacy

2. What is bail?
a. A kind of torture used by the British government in the 1700s
b. A really bad jail
c. Another name for a trial by jury
d. A fee a suspect can pay to remain free while waiting for trial
e. A lawyer who works for the government

3. Which of the following would likely be considered an excessive fine?
a. $95 for speeding
b. $1 million for burning down a large building
c. $25 for littering
d. $8000 for jaywalking
e. $10,000 for destroying someone's car

4. True or False: The death penalty was not considered cruel and unusual punishment back when the Eighth Amendment was added to the Constitution.

5. What are the first ten amendments to the Constitution called?
a. Declaration of Independence
b. Magna Carta
c. Articles of Confederation
d. Bill of Rights
e. The Big Ten

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the US Government - Eighth Amendment page at /history/us_government/eighth_amendment.php.

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