Amendments to the Constitution

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Amendments to the Constitution.

1. How many amendments to the Constitution are there?
a. 7
b. 10
c. 21
d. 27
e. 50

2. What are the first ten amendments called?
a. The Declaration of Independence
b. The Freedom Amendments
c. The Bill of Rights
d. The Big Ten
e. The Congressional Laws

3. Which amendment abolished slavery in the United States?
a. The first
b. The fifth
c. The tenth
d. The thirteenth
e. The nineteenth

4. What is interesting about the 21st amendment?
a. It was the final amendment.
b. The only thing it did was to repeal the 18th amendment.
c. It made the drinking age 21 years old.
d. It made age discrimination illegal.
e. It was never ratified by the states or the Congress.

5. How many states have to ratify an amendment before it becomes part of the Constitution?
a. Zero, as long as there is a majority vote by the people.
b. One-fourth
c. Half
d. Three-fourths
e. All of the states have to ratify

6. Which amendment prohibited alcoholic drinks from being sold in the United States?
a. The twelfth
b. The sixteenth
c. The eighteenth
d. The twenty first
e. The twenty sixth

7. What did the 19th amendment do?
a. It made slavery illegal.
b. It limited the number of years that one person could be president.
c. It described in detail the order of succession to the presidency.
d. It gave women the right to vote.
e. It set the voting age to eighteen years old.

8. What are the two steps that take place before an amendment becomes part of the Constitution?
a. Proposal and ratification
b. Polling and voting
c. Law Review and ratification
d. Congressional vote and Presidential signature
e. Proposal and Supreme Court stamp of approval

9. Which amendment gave all men the right to vote regardless of race?
a. The thirteenth
b. The fifteenth
c. The nineteenth
d. The twenty third
e. The twenty sixth

10. What is the legal voting age put forward by the 26th amendment?
a. 15
b. 16
c. 18
d. 21
e. 25

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Amendments to the Constitution page at /history/us_constitution_amendments.php.

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