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Questions on this quiz are based on information from
US Cabinet.

1. Who chooses the members of the president`s cabinet?
a. The Vice President
b. The President
c. The Secretary of State
d. The Supreme Court
e. The First Lady

2. What group has to confirm members of the cabinet?
a. The Senate
b. The U.S. House of Representatives
c. The Supreme Court
d. The White House Staff
e. The Executive Office

3. The cabinet member who heads up the Justice Department is called:
a. The Secretary of Justice
b. The Chief Justice
c. The Major General
d. The Attorney General
e. The Secretary of State

4. Who was the first Secretary of State under President George Washington?
a. John Adams
b. Alexander Hamilton
c. Henry Knox
d. Hillary Clinton
e. Thomas Jefferson

5. As of 2012, how many members are in the cabinet?
a. 5
b. 10
c. 15
d. 20
e. 24

6. Which cabinet department is responsible for making sure our food is safe and our land is protected?
a. The Department of Agriculture
b. The Department of Food and Land
c. The Department of Commerce
d. The Department of the Interior
e. The Department of State

7. What is the responsibility of the Department of State?
a. To oversee the states and make sure they are following federal laws.
b. To handle diplomatic relationships with foreign countries.
c. To guard the borders and handle immigration.
d. To work with the governors of each state to make sure they have their say in what the president is doing.
e. To advise the president on issues regarding tariffs and exports.

8. Which department was formed by President George W. Bush to help fight terrorist attacks?
a. The Department of Justice
b. The Department of State
c. The Department of Homeland Security
d. The Department of Defense
e. The Department of the Interior

9. The cabinet is part of which branch of the United States government?
a. The Executive Branch
b. The Judicial Branch
c. The Legislative Branch
d. The Tree Branch
e. The Furniture Branch

10. Which major agencies are members of the Department of Health and Human Services?
a. DOD and HUD
b. FBI and DOT
c. FAA and USDA
d. CDC and FDA
e. LOL and RIP

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the US Cabinet page at /history/us_cabinet.php.

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