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Panama Canal.

1. What body of water does the Panama Canal connect to the Pacific Ocean?
a. Indian Ocean
b. Atlantic Ocean
c. Southern Ocean
d. Red Sea
e. Lake Erie

2. Around how long is the Panama Canal?
a. 2 miles
b. 14 miles
c. 48 miles
d. 200 miles
e. 800 miles

3. What country first began to build the canal in 1881, but failed?
a. Brazil
b. Germany
c. England
d. Spain
e. France

4. What country funded the construction of the canal?
a. France
b. United States
c. England
d. Russia
e. Japan

5. What year was the canal officially opened for traffic?
a. 1883
b. 1898
c. 1901
d. 1914
e. 1944

6. What was the name of the dam that was built to make an artificial lake in the center of Panama?
a. Gatun Dam
b. Aswan Dam
c. Hoover Dam
d. Panama Dam
e. Three Gorges Dam

7. Around how many miles of travel are saved on a trip from San Francisco to New York by using the Panama Canal?
a. 500 miles
b. 1000 miles
c. 2,000 miles
d. 4,000 miles
e. 8,000 miles

8. What was the most difficult and dangerous part of the construction of the canal?
a. Three Gorges
b. Gatun Lake
c. Culebra Cut
d. Pacific Canals
e. Panama Cliffs

9. How high do the locks of the Panama Canal have to raise and lower boats?
a. 8 feet
b. 30 feet
c. 50 feet
d. 85 feet
e. 172 feet

10. True or False: The Panama Canal is still an important part of international trade.

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Panama Canal page at /history/us_1900s/panama_canal.php.

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