Mount St Helens Eruption

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Questions on this quiz are based on information from
Mount St Helens Eruption.

1. In what state is Mount St. Helens located?
a. Oregon
b. California
c. Idaho
d. Washington
e. Montana

2. What year did the large eruption at Mount St. Helens occur?
a. 1970
b. 1980
c. 1990
d. 2000
e. 2010

3. True or False: Geologists had no idea that the mountain was going to erupt.

4. Which side of the mountain collapsed at the start of the eruption?
a. North
b. South
c. East
d. West

5. What mountain range is Mount St. Helens a part of?
a. Rocky Mountains
b. Appalachian Mountains
c. Alaska Range
d. Cascade Mountain Range
e. Blue Ridge Mountains

6. What U.S. president visited the eruption site?
a. George Bush
b. Ronald Reagan
c. Jimmy Carter
d. Bill Clinton
e. Richard Nixon

7. Around how many homes were destroyed by the eruption?
a. None
b. 7
c. 25
d. 50
e. 200

8. What were the warning signs that the volcano may erupt?
a. Earthquakes
b. Steam eruptions
c. A large bulge in the side
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

9. True or False: Mount St. Helens has been an active volcano within the last 20 years.

10. How long did it take for ash from the eruption to circle the Earth?
a. 2 days
b. 15 days
c. 1 month
d. 3 months
e. 6 months

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Mount St Helens Eruption page at /history/us_1900s/mount_st_helens_eruption.php.

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