The Great Depression - Hoovervilles

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Questions on this quiz are based on information from
The Great Depression - Hoovervilles.

1. Who were Hoovervilles named after?
a. President Roosevelt
b. J. Edgar Hoover
c. President Wilson
d. President Hoover
e. William Henry Hoover

2. What world event caused people to have to live in Hoovervilles?
a. World War II
b. Great Depression
c. World War I
d. Hurricane Hoover
e. Global Warming

3. Where were most Hoovervilles located?
a. In the city
b. In the mountains
c. In the country
d. On islands
e. In Washington D.C.

4. What were most Hooverville homes made out of?
a. Bricks
b. Cardboard and tar paper
c. Tree logs
d. Steel
e. Stone blocks

5. Who lived in the Hoovervilles?
a. Wealthy landowners
b. Businessmen
c. Unemployed
d. Miners
e. Vacuum sales people

6. What were people called who traveled the countryside looking for work?
a. Peddlers
b. Hooverites
c. Farmers
d. Forty Niners
e. Hobos

7. Where did many of the people living in Hoovervilles get their food?
a. Small farms
b. Soup Kitchens
c. Restaurants
d. Grocery stores
e. Cafeterias

8. What material was nicknamed the Hoover Blanket?
a. Newspaper
b. Wood
c. Cardboard
d. Tar paper
e. Dirt

9. What year did the government remove Hoovervilles throughout the country?
a. 1929
b. 1931
c. 1941
d. 1949
e. 1955

10. What was it called when a person turned their empty pockets inside out?
a. Hoover blanket
b. Hoover leather
c. Hoover money
d. Hoover flags
e. Hoover bags

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the The Great Depression - Hoovervilles page at /history/us_1900s/hoovervilles.php.

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