The Great Depression - Dust Bowl

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The Great Depression - Dust Bowl.

1. In what region of the country did the Dust Bowl take place?
a. Midwest
b. East coast
c. Southeast
d. Southwest
e. West Coast

2. During what decade did the Dust Bowl occur?
a. 1890s
b. 1920s
c. 1930s
d. 1950s
e. 1960s

3. What other major event was the United States going through during the Dust Bowl?
a. Civil War
b. Cold War
c. Roaring Twenties
d. Great Depression
e. World War I

4. According to the article, what were giant dust storms called?
a. Tornadoes
b. Black blizzards
c. Dirty Hurricanes
d. Dark Winters
e. Dust ups

5. True or False: Government aid and new farming practices helped the land to recover once the drought ended.

6. Who wrote The Grapes of Wrath about a family during the Dust Bowl?
a. Mark Twain
b. Steven King
c. John Steinbeck
d. Virginia Wolf
e. Charles Dickens

7. Which of the following was a result of dust storms?
a. Houses were buried in dust
b. It was difficult to breathe
c. Livestock choked to death
d. Crops could not grow
e. All of the above

8. What nickname was used for people who moved from the Dust Bowl to California?
a. Dusties
b. Sooners
c. Trailers
d. Forty Niners
e. Okies

9. What did the federal government do to help protect the soil in the Midwest from wind erosion?
a. Built windmills
b. Created new energy sources
c. Made dust storms illegal
d. Planted trees
e. Nothing

10. According to the article, what state made it illegal to bring poor people into the state during the Great Depression?
a. New York
b. California
c. Oklahoma
d. Texas
e. South Carolina

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the The Great Depression - Dust Bowl page at /history/us_1900s/dust_bowl.php.

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