Camp David Accords

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Camp David Accords.

1. What two countries signed the Camp David Accords?
a. Russia and USA
b. England and France
c. Spain and Mexico
d. Israel and Egypt
e. Germany and Poland

2. What United States president helped with the Camp David Accords negotiations?
a. Gerald Ford
b. Jimmy Carter
c. Ronald Reagan
d. George Bush
e. Richard Nixon

3. Where is Camp David located?
a. Pennsylvania
b. Washington D.C.
c. Maryland
d. Virginia
e. New York

4. Who was the President of Egypt who took part in the agreement?
a. Anwar Sadat
b. Gamal Nasser
c. Hosni Mubarak
d. Mohamed Morsi
e. Adly Mansour

5. Who was the Prime Minister of Israel who took part in the agreement?
a. Benjamin Netanyahu
b. Ariel Sharon
c. Shimon Peres
d. Golda Meir
e. Menachem Begin

6. True or False: The accords led to a peace treaty between Israel and all of the Arab nations.

7. What year were the Camp David Accords signed?
a. 1945
b. 1959
c. 1965
d. 1978
e. 1989

8. What country gave billions of dollars in subsidies to both sides for signing the agreement?
a. United States
b. Russia
c. France
d. United Kingdom
e. Germany

9. Who had the idea to invite the leaders to Camp David for negotiations?
a. Walter Mondale
b. Rosalynn Carter
c. Gerald Ford
d. Amy Carter
e. Cyrus Vance

10. What happened to Anwar Sadat a few years later because of his involvement in the accords?
a. He was crowned king
b. He retired and moved to the United States
c. He was assassinated
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Camp David Accords page at /history/us_1900s/camp_david_accords.php.

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