Industrial Revolution - Inventions and Technology

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Industrial Revolution - Inventions and Technology.

1. What new power technology was used by Robert Fulton to power boats?
a. Electricity
b. Steam
c. Gasoline
d. Wind
e. Nuclear

2. Who invented a new type of steam engine in 1781 that allowed the steam engine to be used in factories?
a. Thomas Edison
b. Henry Bessemer
c. Henry Ford
d. Elias Howe
e. James Watt

3. What invention was developed by Samuel Morse?
a. Telegraph
b. Spinning mule
c. Steam engine
d. Sewing machine
e. Light bulb

4. What process allowed steel to be mass-produced at a lower cost?
a. Edison Process
b. Assembly process
c. Bessemer Process
d. Watt Process
e. Singer Process

5. What did Alexander Graham Bell invent?
a. Elevator
b. Telephone
c. Railroad
d. Light bulb
e. Sewing machine

6. True or False: Trains were one of the most important modes of transportation during the Industrial Revolution.

7. Who invented the spinning jenny?
a. Eli Whitney
b. Thomas Edison
c. James Hargreaves
d. Henry Bessemer
e. Isaac Singer

8. Before steam power was invented, what were the early power sources of the Industrial Revolution?
a. Electricity
b. Nuclear
c. Gasoline
d. Water and wind
e. Solar Power

9. Who invented a safety break for elevators?
a. Elisha Otis
b. Eli Whitney
c. Elias Howe
d. Thomas Edison
e. James Watt

10. Who invented the first practical incandescent light bulb?
a. Henry Ford
b. James Watt
c. Eli Whitney
d. James Hargreaves
e. Thomas Edison

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Industrial Revolution - Inventions and Technology page at /history/us_1800s/inventions_technology_industrial_revolution.php.

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