Erie Canal

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Erie Canal.

1. Around how long did it take to build the original Erie Canal?
a. Two months
b. Three weeks
c. One year
d. Eight Years
e. Thirty years

2. What year did construction begin on the Erie Canal?
a. 1817
b. 1843
c. 1865
d. 1901
e. 1918

3. What nickname was given to the canal by people who thought it was a waste of money?
a. The Big Dig
b. Clinton's Ditch
c. Cash Canal
d. River of Doom
e. Money Crunch

4. What were passenger boats on the canal called?
a. Cruise ships
b. River yachts
c. Canal cruisers
d. Packet boats
e. Hudson canoes

5. About how long was the original canal?
a. 2 miles
b. 19 miles
c. 87 miles
d. 144 miles
e. 363 miles

6. What form of transportation eventually became more important to the Industrial Revolution?
a. Horses
b. Airplanes
c. Railroads
d. ATVs
e. Covered wagons

7. How deep was the original canal?
a. 1 foot
b. 4 feet
c. 10 feet
d. 20 feet
e. 50 feet

8. What were the horse drivers called who towed the boats along the canal?
a. Towheads
b. Mules
c. Riders
d. Pilots
e. Hoggees

9. What Great Lake did the Erie Canal connect to the Hudson River?
a. Lake Erie
b. Lake Michigan
c. Lake Ontario
d. Lake Huron
e. Lake Superior

10. Around how much did it cost to build the original canal?
a. 50 thousand dollars
b. 1 million dollars
c. 7 million dollars
d. 80 million dollars
e. 1 billion dollars

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Erie Canal page at /history/us_1800s/erie_canal.php.

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