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Treaty of Paris.

1. When was the Treaty of Paris between the United States and Great Britain signed?
a. December 16, 1773
b. April 19, 1775
c. July 4, 1776
d. October 19, 1781
e. September 3, 1783

2. Who were the three Americans that were involved with the negotiation of the treaty?
a. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin
b. Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and John Jay
c. John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin
d. James Monroe, John Adams, and Thomas Payne
e. John Jay, John Adams, Samuel Adams

3. After the treaty was signed, about how long did it take the King of England to ratify it?
a. One day
b. One month
c. Three months
d. Seven months
e. He never did

4. Which article of the treaty was the most important to the Americans?
a. That the United States owned the fishing rights in the Grand Banks
b. That the United Sates would cease confiscating the property of British loyalists
c. That Great Britain recognize the United States as a free and independent country
d. That both Great Britain and the United States have access to the Mississippi River
e. That the treaty be ratified by both countries within six months of the initial signature

5. Who represented the British in signing and negotiating the treaty in Paris?
a. David Hartley
b. General Cornwallis
c. Frederick North
d. Charles Watson
e. King George

6. Where in Paris did the two sides meet to sign the treaty?
a. At a famous Catholic church near downtown
b. At the King`s Palace
c. At a sidewalk cafe
d. At the hotel where the British were staying
e. At the French foreign minister`s house

7. Which country received Florida as part of a different treaty after the war?
a. The United States
b. France
c. Spain
d. Great Britain
e. Germany

8. True or False: The treaty allowed the United States to expand to the West, enabling the country to eventually grow all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

9. How long was it between the end of the Revolutionary War at Yorktown and the final ratification of the Treaty of Paris by King George III?
a. Two months
b. Seven months
c. One year
d. A year and a half
e. Three years

10. According to the start of the treaty, what statement below best describes the primary goal of the treaty?
a. To punish the British for all they had done to the colonies
b. To help both countries to become rich and powerful
c. To reward Spain and France for their efforts in the war
d. To protect British interests in Canada
e. To help maintain peace between Britain and the United States

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