Sherman`s March to the Sea

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Sherman`s March to the Sea.

1. What state did General Sherman march through in his famous March to the Sea?
a. Virginia
b. South Carolina
c. Florida
d. Alabama
e. Georgia

2. During the march, the northern troops destroyed much of the industry in their path. This type of war is sometimes called:
a. Scorched Earth
b. Burnt Path
c. Seek and Destroy
d. Shock and Awe
e. Butterflies and Unicorns

3. Between what two southern cities did Sherman and his armies march?
a. Raleigh and Charlotte
b. Augusta and Macon
c. Atlanta and Savannah
d. Columbus and Charleston
e. Richmond and Montgomery

4. What happened when Sherman and his troops arrived in Savannah?
a. They were met by the full force of the Confederate army and nearly lost the battle.
b. The small army in Savannah fled and the mayor of the city surrendered without a fight.
c. They were surrounded by Robert E. Lee`s troops and were soundly defeated.
d. They were out of food and nearly starved to death before reinforcements came from the north.
e. They celebrated by burning the city to the ground.

5. Where did the troops get food during the march?
a. They got their food from the land, taking food and crops from farmers along the way.
b. They brought all of their food with them in long wagon trains of supplies.
c. They hunted in the forest for food and foraged for berries.
d. They didn`t have much food and nearly starved to death before they arrived at their destination.

6. Which of the following did NOT happen as a result of Sherman`s march?
a. The devastation to industry along the path of the march damaged the Confederate economy.
b. Lincoln`s popularity grew in the north so much that it helped him to be reelected as president.
c. The Confederates lost their will to continue to fight the Civil War.
d. It made the Confederates so angry that they redoubled their efforts and nearly won the war.
e. All of the above.

7. Why did Sherman divide up his troops into four separate armies for the march?
a. To confuse the Confederate army.
b. To hide what city they were marching to.
c. By spreading out his forces they were able to find more food along the way.
d. All of the above.
e. None of the above.

8. What battle took place between Sherman`s forces and the Confederate army led by General John Hood before Sherman started his famous March to the Sea?
a. The Battle of Antietam
b. The Battle of Georgia
c. The Battle of Atlanta
d. The Battle of Gettysburg
e. The Battle of Shiloh

9. What year did the march take place?
a. 1860
b. 1861
c. 1862
d. 1863
e. 1864

10. How much damage did the Northern troops do to the South?
a. None
b. Around $1 million
c. $10 million
d. $100 million
e. $1 billion

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