The Reformation

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The Reformation.

1. What was the Reformation?
a. When protestant churches and ideas formed, breaking away from the Catholic Church
b. A time when people studied humanism and art
c. When the Roman Empire split into two empires, the east and the west
d. A time when more and more people began to read and write
e. A time when scientists began to use the scientific method and great discoveries were made

2. What monk began to question the teachings of the Catholic Church in 1517?
a. Thomas Aquinas
b. St. Benedict
c. Martin Luther
d. Richard of Wallingford
e. William of Normandy

3. What practice allowed people to gain forgiveness by giving the Catholic Church money?
a. Golden forgiveness
b. Paying indulgences
c. Fee for sinners
d. Purchasing saves
e. Bribing

4. What did the Catholic Church do to Martin Luther for publishing his 95 Theses?
a. Had him killed
b. Forgave him
c. Read his complaints and tried to address them
d. Kicked him out of the church for being a heretic
e. Ignored him

5. What did Martin Luther do with his 95 Theses when he was done with it?
a. Discussed it with his fellow monks
b. Sent it to the Pope
c. Hid it as he knew it was dangerous
d. Burnt it
e. Nailed it to the door of a church

6. Why did King Henry VIII form the Church of England?
a. Because he wanted to have a church of his own
b. Because he thought Rome was too far away
c. Because the Catholic Church would not allow him to divorce his wife
d. Because the Catholic Church did not like England
e. Because he was going to war against Italy

7. What war was the result of the Reformation?
a. The First World War
b. The 30 Year War
c. The War of the Priests
d. The First Crusade
e. The Byzantine Civil War

8. True or False: The war in Germany that resulted from the Reformation was largely peaceful and few people died.

9. What led to the Reformation?
a. More people reading
b. The invention of the printing press
c. More people able to read the Bible
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

10. What was the worst punishment for being named a heretic by the Catholic Church?
a. Prison
b. Not allowed in church
c. Exiled from the country
d. Put to death
e. A heavy fine

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