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Renaissance Food.

1. What did the peasants eat for most of their meals during the Renaissance?
a. Beef and Chicken
b. Spiced soup and meat
c. Mush, soup, and bread
d. Pork and beans
e. All of the above

2. What did peasants who lived near the coast get to eat more of?
a. Fish
b. Beef
c. Chicken
d. Whale
e. Seaweed

3. What type of food needed expensive salt to be preserved?
a. Fruits
b. Vegetables
c. Bread
d. Meat
e. Mush

4. True or False: The peasants and the wealthy ate pretty much the same things.

5. Why did city people not drink a lot of water during the Renaissance?
a. Because water was rare in the city
b. Because they used all the water for bathing
c. Because it was dirty and would make them sick
d. Because they did not like the taste
e. Because it was against the law

6. What did people in the northern areas like England and Germany drink with most of their meals?
a. Water
b. Wine
c. Juice
d. Tea
e. Ale

7. What did people eat at festivals and wedding feasts?
a. Peacock
b. Swans
c. Mutton
d. Rabbit
e. All of the above

8. What did people in Italy and France generally drink with most of their meals?
a. Tea
b. Wine
c. Water
d. Ale
e. Juice

9. True or False: Most of the people during the Renaissance ate their food with their hands.

10. What did they have for dessert at major feasts?
a. Meat
b. Bread
c. Fruit
d. Cake
e. Ice cream

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