Famous Renaissance People

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Famous Renaissance People.

1. What Renaissance artist painted the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper?
a. Michelangelo
b. Rafael
c. Leonardo da Vinci
d. Botticelli
e. Jan van Eyck

2. What priest wrote the book Praise and Folly and was responsible for spreading humanism throughout northern Europe?
a. Erasmus
b. Martin Luther
c. Benedict
d. Galileo
e. Paracelsus

3. What explorer discovered a sea route from Europe to India around Africa?
a. Dante Alighieri
b. Christopher Columbus
c. Ponce de Leon
d. Vasco da Gama
e. Marco Polo

4. What Renaissance Man was responsible for the split between the Catholic Church and the Church of England?
a. Martin Luther
b. Erasmus
c. Michelangelo
d. Leonardo da Vinci
e. King Henry VIII

5. What scientist made great advances in the area of medicine and health?
a. Galileo
b. Leonardo da Vinci
c. Johannes Gutenberg
d. Paracelsus
e. Copernicus

6. What Spanish explorer discovered the Americas?
a. Hernan Cortes
b. Francisco Pizarro
c. Christopher Columbus
d. Ferdinand Magellan
e. Vasco da Gama

7. What was Martin Luther famous for?
a. An English playwright
b. The Reformation
c. Exploring the Far East
d. His paintings at the Sistine Chapel
e. His work in astronomy

8. What European inventor brought the printing press to the Renaissance?
a. Johannes Gutenberg
b. Galileo
c. Christopher Columbus
d. Erasmus
e. Leonardo da Vinci

9. True or False: Catherine de Medici became a powerful queen of France and her children became rulers as well.

10. What leader conquered Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire?
a. King Henry VIII
b. Joan of Arc
c. Elizabeth I of England
d. Mehmed II
e. Erasmus

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