Renaissance Architecture

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Renaissance Architecture.

1. From what ancient civilizations did the architects of the Renaissance get their inspiration?
a. Egyptians and Persians
b. Persians and Greeks
c. Greeks and Romans
d. Romans and Assyrians
e. Assyrians and Egyptians

2. What famous artist worked as an architect on the Basilica of St. Peter?
a. Leonardo da Vinci
b. Donatello
c. Jan van Eyck
d. Giotto
e. Michelangelo

3. Who was considered to be the first true Renaissance architect?
a. Brunelleschi
b. Michelangelo
c. Alberti
d. Sangallo
e. Raphael

4. What was typical of ceilings in Renaissance architecture?
a. They were left open
b. They were flat
c. They were arched
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

5. What geometric shape was used as the outline for many Renaissance buildings?
a. Oval
b. Circle
c. Square
d. Rhombus
e. Triangle

6. How many years did it take to finish the Basilica of St. Peter?
a. 10
b. 20
c. 50
d. 120
e. 500

7. What building is famous for the frescos that Michelangelo painted on its ceilings?
a. The Florence Cathedral
b. El Escorial
c. The Pazzi Chapel
d. The Basilica of St. Peter
e. The Sistine Chapel

8. Who was El Escorial built for?
a. The Pope
b. The King of Spain
c. The Medici family
d. Michelangelo
e. The King of France

9. True or False: Arches, domes, Roman columns, and flat ceilings are all typical aspects of Renaissance architecture.

10. What did Brunelleschi spend most of his life designing and building?
a. The Sistine Chapel
b. The Basilica of St. Peter
c. The dome on the Florence Cathedral
d. The Vatican
e. The Parthenon

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