Ottoman Empire

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Ottoman Empire.

1. About how many years did the Ottoman Empire exist?
a. 150
b. 300
c. 600
d. 1000
e. 2000

2. Who founded the Ottoman Empire?
a. Osman I
b. Suleiman the Magnificent
c. Alexander the Great
d. Mehmed II
e. Julian II

3. What city did the Ottoman Empire conquer in 1453 putting an end to the Byzantium Empire?
a. Rome
b. Constantinople
c. Vienna
d. Budapest
e. Athens

4. In what way did the fall of Constantinople lead to the European Renaissance?
a. Artists began painting about war
b. It reminded people about the civilization of Ancient Rome
c. It helped the Europeans to become rich
d. It put an end to all wars in Europe
e. Many scholars and artists fled Constantinople and came to Italy

5. Under what Ottoman ruler did the empire reach its peak?
a. Mehmed the Conqueror
b. Osman I
c. Mustafa I
d. Suleiman the Magnificent
e. Ahmed the Fortunate

6. What modern day country was created from the Ottoman Empire in 1922?
a. Hungary
b. Greece
c. Turkey
d. Bulgaria
e. Iraq

7. What was the title of the ruler of the Ottoman Empire?
a. King
b. Sultan
c. Emperor
d. Duke
e. President

8. What religion did the Ottomans follow?
a. Islam
b. Christianity
c. Judaism
d. Buddhism
e. Taoism

9. True or False: The Ottomans required that all the peoples they conquered converted to the Islamic religion or they were executed.

10. What flower was a popular symbol of the Ottoman Empire and stood for perfection and beauty?
a. Rose
b. Lilly
c. Daffodil
d. Tulip
e. Hyacinth

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