Northern Renaissance

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Northern Renaissance.

1. Who invited many of the Italian Renaissance artists to France helping to start the French Renaissance?
a. King Louis XIV
b. King Henry II
c. Queen Anne
d. King Francis I
e. King Louis X

2. What were the large pleasure palaces built by French nobles and kings called?
a. Castles
b. Chateaux
c. Forts
d. Villas
e. MacMansions

3. Dutch priest and writer Erasmus was sometimes referred to as the prince of what philosophy?
a. Socialism
b. Confucianism
c. Sophism
d. Communism
e. Humanism

4. What German invented the printing press allowing for ideas to be spread throughout Europe during the Renaissance?
a. Johannes Gutenberg
b. Albrecht Durer
c. Johan Reuchlin
d. Lucas Cranach
e. Martin Luther

5. What special style or aspect of painting did the Dutch bring to the Renaissance?
a. Realism
b. Detail
c. New ways of handling oil painting
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

6. What essay did Martin Luther write against the Catholic Church that began the Reformation?
a. Praise of Folly
b. Julius Exclusus
c. Ninety-Five Theses
d. The Comedy of Errors
e. Twelfth Night

7. What was German Albrecht Durer most famous for?
a. Poetry
b. Painting
c. Sculpture
d. Philosophy
e. Science

8. Which of the fine arts played the most important role during the English Renaissance?
a. Theatre
b. Dance
c. Music
d. Painting
e. Sculpture

9. What English playwright is often called the greatest writer in the history of the English language?
a. Christopher Marlowe
b. Charles Dickens
c. Ben Johnson
d. William Shakespeare
e. Martin Luther

10. The Northern Renaissance refers to the European Renaissance that took place in all of Europe except for this country where the Renaissance first began.
a. France
b. Spain
c. Russia
d. Greece
e. Italy

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