Italian City-States

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Italian City-States.

1. In which city-state did the Italian Renaissance begin?
a. Venice
b. Rome
c. Naples
d. Florence
e. Milan

2. What type of craft or business was Milan famous for?
a. Glassware
b. Metalwork
c. Banking
d. Ceramics
e. Textiles

3. Which of the statements below best describes a city-state?
a. An independent region ruled by a powerful city
b. A powerful city that is part of a larger country
c. A section of a state similar to a county
d. Any city that is part of a larger state
e. All of the above

4. What wealthy family ruled the city-state of Florence?
a. Ferrara
b. Sforza
c. Nicholas
d. Alfonso
e. Medici

5. Which city-state ruled the southern region of Italy?
a. Florence
b. Venice
c. Naples
d. Milan
e. Rome

6. Who was the ruler of both the city-state of Rome and the Catholic Church?
a. Medici Family
b. The pope
c. The King of Italy
d. The King of France
e. Sforza Family

7. True or False: The city-state of Rome did not support artists or play a part in the Renaissance.

8. The trading power of Venice was affected when this city was conquered by the Ottoman Empire.
a. Rome
b. Milan
c. Florence
d. Constantinople
e. Paris

9. True or False: The wealth of the Italian city-states played an important part in the development of the Renaissance.

10. This city-state was conquered by Spain in 1504?
a. Milan
b. Rome
c. Naples
d. Venice
e. Florence

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