Age of Exploration

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Age of Exploration.

1. What were most of the explorers looking for on their expeditions?
a. The edge of the Earth
b. Giant sea monsters
c. New trading routes
d. New continents
e. The lost city of Atlantis

2. Why did countries fund expensive and risky expeditions?
a. To find gold and silver
b. To find lands they could colonize
c. To find new trading routes to the East Indies
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

3. The Treaty of Tordesillas divided up the New World between what two countries?
a. Spain and Portugal
b. England and France
c. Germany and Austria
d. Italy and Greece
e. Spain and France

4. Who was Henry the Navigator?
a. The first European to sale around the south of Africa
b. The first explorer to discover the Americas
c. The conqueror of the Inca Empire in South America
d. The first explorer to circumnavigate the world
e. The King of Portugal who sent out explorers to map the west coast of Africa

5. Which explorer discovered a trade route around the southern tip of Africa to India?
a. Vasco da Gama
b. Christopher Columbus
c. Hernan Cortes
d. Henry the Navigator
e. Francisco Pizarro

6. What country sponsored the expedition of Christopher Columbus where he discovered the Americas?
a. England
b. Spain
c. Portugal
d. Germany
e. Italy

7. Which country founded the thirteen American colonies that later became the United States?
a. Spain
b. Netherlands
c. England
d. Portugal
e. Germany

8. Which explorer conquered the Aztec Empire in Mexico?
a. Christopher Columbus
b. Bartolomeu Dias
c. Francisco Pizarro
d. Hernan Cortes
e. Vasco da Gama

9. True or False: The Age of Exploration took place at about the same time as the European Renaissance?

10. What area of the world was still not mapped at the end of the Age of Exploration?
a. Much of central Africa
b. Arctic and Antarctic
c. East Australia
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

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