Native Americans - Mythology and Legends

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Questions on this quiz are based on information from
Native Americans - Mythology and Legends.

1. How were Native American stories and legends passed from one generation to another?
a. They were written down
b. Orally
c. Using cave paintings
d. They were recorded on deer skins
e. Through sand art

2. Who was the leader of the gods in the Powhatan creation myth?
a. Old Man
b. Giant Bear
c. Wise Owl
d. Great Hare
e. Eternal Chief

3. In the Powhatan creation myth, who were the four lesser gods?
a. Deer of four different colors
b. Men and women
c. Fish from the four great bodies of water
d. Bears from the four great forests
e. Winds from the four corners of the Earth

4. In the Alabama fire myth, who first owned fire?
a. Bear
b. Deer
c. Owl
d. Hawk
e. Snake

5. Who owned fire at the end of the Alabama fire myth?
a. Bear
b. Deer
c. Man
d. Fish
e. Snake

6. Who were the sons of the Cherokee god Great Thunder?
a. Lighting Bolts
b. Thunder Boys
c. Electric Men
d. Windy Boys
e. All of the above

7. In the Blackfoot language myth, who appeared on a mountain and told the people to drink?
a. Great Thunder
b. Great Hare
c. Bear
d. Old Man
e. Great Shaman

8. What color of water did the Blackfoot drink to get their language?
a. Orange
b. Green
c. Blue
d. Red
e. Black

9. What ability was granted to the panther and the owl after they stayed awake for seven nights?
a. See in the dark
b. Invisibility
c. Flying
d. Great hearing
e. Sharp claws

10. According to Choctaw mythology, what caused solar eclipses?
a. The Moon
b. Great Spirit
c. Black squirrels
d. A giant spider
e. Tiny bald men

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Native Americans - Mythology and Legends page at /history/native_americans/mythology_legends.php.

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