Chickasaw Tribe

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Questions on this quiz are based on information from
Chickasaw Tribe.

1. What states did the Chickasaw live in before they moved to reservations in Oklahoma?
a. Mississippi, Kentucky, and Tennessee
b. New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania
c. Florida and Georgia
d. California and Arizona
e. Oregon, Washington, and Idaho

2. What Native American tribe did legend say that the Chickasaw were once part of?
a. Apache
b. Navajo
c. Choctaw
d. Cherokee
e. Nez Perce

3. What type of homes did the Chickasaw Indians live in?
a. Teepees
b. Long houses
c. Hogans
d. Plank houses
e. Wattle and daub

4. True or False: The Chickasaw wore heavy furs, hats, and boots to keep warm due to the cold weather where they lived.

5. What was the chief of the Chickasaw called?
a. Mayor
b. Minko
c. Shaman
d. Judge
e. Prez

6. Why were the Chickasaw sometimes called the Spartans of the Mississippi Valley?
a. Because of their fierce warriors
b. Because they were civilized
c. Because they never fought and loved peace
d. Because they shaved their heads
e. Because they made excellent pottery

7. What was the path the Chickasaw took to Oklahoma called?
a. The Silk Road
b. The Path of Enlightenment
c. The Trail of Tears
d. The Old Road
e. The Long Trail

8. Who was the first European to meet the Chickasaw Indians in 1540?
a. Christopher Columbus
b. Ponce de Leon
c. Leif Ericson
d. Daniel Boone
e. Hernando de Soto

9. What does Oklahoma mean in the Chickasaw language?
a. Promised land
b. Land of oak trees
c. Flat place
d. Brown bear
e. Red people

10. What did the Chickasaw people eat?
a. Fish
b. Deer
c. Corn, beans, and squash
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Chickasaw Tribe page at /history/native_americans/chickasaw_tribe.php.

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