Native Americans - Cheyenne Tribe

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Native Americans - Cheyenne Tribe.

1. In what area of the country did the traditional Cheyenne live?
a. California
b. Great Plains
c. East Coast
d. Southwest
e. Appalachian Mountains

2. Once the Cheyenne began to hunt bison, what type of homes did they live in?
a. Wigwams
b. Hogans
c. Pueblos
d. Teepees
e. Longhouses

3. The land of the early Cheyenne people was located in what modern-day U.S. state?
a. Texas
b. California
c. Minnesota
d. Oregon
e. Kentucky

4. True or False: The Cheyenne had their own language which had fourteen letters.

5. What was the main governing body of the Cheyenne called?
a. Congress of Chiefs
b. Parliament
c. Group of Ten
d. Council of Forty-four
e. Senate

6. How many bands made up the Cheyenne Nation?
a. 1
b. 2
c. 5
d. 7
e. 10

7. In what famous battle did the Cheyenne fight George Custer?
a. Battle of Gettysburg
b. Battle of Lake Okeechobee
c. Battle of Tippicanoe
d. Battle of Little Bighorn
e. Battle of Fallen Timbers

8. What famous Cheyenne military society tried to resist the advancement of white men into their land?
a. Black Hand
b. Skull and Bones
c. Dog Soldiers
d. Freemasons
e. Knights Templar

9. Where did the Cheyenne who hunted on the Great Plains get most of their food?
a. From bison
b. From farming
c. From fishing
d. From deer
e. From rabbits

10. In what two states do the modern-day Cheyenne live on reservations?
a. Arizona and California
b. Montana and Oklahoma
c. Oregon and Idaho
d. Michigan and Indiana
e. Texas and New Mexico

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Native Americans - Cheyenne Tribe page at /history/native_americans/cheyenne_tribe.php.

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