Native American Tribes and Regions

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Native American Tribes and Regions.

1. What large region or grouping of Native Americans lived the middle of the country and included such tribes as the Cheyenne and the Comanche?
a. Arctic
b. Great Plains
c. Northeast
d. Southeast
e. Californian

2. Which of the following tribes was located in the Southwest region?
a. Navajo
b. Inuit
c. Cherokee
d. Crow
e. Seminole

3. Which description below best describes the Great Plains Indians?
a. They stayed in one place and hunted game in the woods
b. They build longhouses and lived mostly on fish
c. They moved from place to place hunting bison
d. They were good farmers
e. They mostly lived off of whale and seal meat

4. What was the main thing that tied the Algonquian tribes together?
a. They had the same religion
b. They lived in the same small area
c. They all lived in the same type of adobe brick houses
d. They all lived along the ocean shore and loved to fish
e. They all spoke the same language

5. What was the large grouping of tribes in the Northeast (including the Mohawk, Oneida, and Cayuga) called?
a. Apache
b. Iroquois
c. Californian
d. Navajo Nation
e. Sioux Nation

6. True or False: There were only around 25 different Native American tribes in North America.

7. What were two famous Californian tribes?
a. Apache and Navaho
b. Blackfoot and Cheyenne
c. Seminole and Cherokee
d. Mohave and Miwok
e. Cayuga and Mohawk

8. How many tribes made up the Apache?
a. 1
b. 2
c. 6
d. 14
e. Over 100

9. Tribes such as the Nez Perce and the Salish built their homes from cedar planks. In what region did they live?
a. Northwest
b. Southwest
c. Northeast
d. Southeast
e. Great Plains

10. Which of the following statements best describes the Native Americans that lived in the Southeast?
a. They all spoke the same language and were the last to have contact with the Europeans
b. They made their homes from cedar planks and built totem poles
c. They were nomadic and moved often to follow the bison heards
d. They lived in homes made from adobe bricks
e. They were good farmers who tended to stay in one place

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Native American Tribes and Regions page at /history/native_american_tribes_regions.php.

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