Sioux Nation

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Questions on this quiz are based on information from
Sioux Nation.

1. What area of the country did the Sioux Nation live?
a. Southeast
b. Northeast
c. Southwest
d. Great Plains
e. California

2. What animal was a major part of the Sioux life and culture?
a. Goat
b. Eagle
c. Bison
d. Dog
e. Snake

3. In what type of home did the Sioux live?
a. Teepee
b. Wigwam
c. Longhouse
d. Hogan
e. Plank house

4. True or False: The Sioux Indians got most of their food from farming corn, squash, and beans.

5. When the Europeans introduced the horse to the Americas, it changed the way of life for the Sioux. In what way did it change their life?
a. It made hunting bison easier
b. It made moving from place to place easier
c. It enabled them to make bigger homes
d. It helped them to get more food and clothing
e. All of the above

6. The Sioux Nation was made up of what three major tribes?
a. The Lakota, Eastern Dakota, and Western Dakota
b. The Cherokee, Cheyenne, and Blackfoot
c. The Navajo, Apache, and Nez Perce
d. The Seminole, Iroquois, and Cherokee
e. The Shoshone, Lakota, and Mohawk

7. Who were two famous leaders of the Sioux nation?
a. Geronimo and Pontiac
b. Sitting Bull and Red Cloud
c. Cochise and Chief Joseph
d. Tecumseh and Stand Watie
e. Black Hawk and Billy Bowlegs

8. What type of shoes did the Sioux wear?
a. Sandals
b. Mukluks
c. Sneakers
d. Moccasins
e. None, they went barefoot

9. What made the teepee such an ideal home for the Sioux?
a. Its thatch roofs were good at keeping the rain out
b. Its clay walls could withstand high winds
c. It could be packed up and moved easily and quickly
d. It could be built from the cedar trees that were so abundant where they lived
e. It was big enough to house 50 to 60 people

10. True or false: Bison are large and dangerous animals. Hunting them took bravery and cunning.

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Sioux Nation page at /history/native_american_sioux_nation.php.

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