Navajo Nation

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Questions on this quiz are based on information from
Navajo Nation.

1. In what area of the country did the Navajo Nation live?
a. Great Plains
b. Southeast
c. East coast
d. California
e. Southwest

2. What type of art were the Navajo most famous for?
a. Woven rugs and blankets
b. Sand paintings
c. Dyed baskets
d. Ornate ceremonial masks
e. Animal drawings

3. Several thousand Navajo were forced to move from Arizona to New Mexico by soldiers in 1864. What is this forced march called today?
a. The Trail of Tears
b. The Hopeless Walk
c. The Long Walk
d. The March of the Desert
e. The Move of Thousands

4. The Navajo women specialized in making blankets and clay pots. In what art did the Navajo men specialize?
a. Painting
b. Jewelry
c. Basket weaving
d. Sand sculpture
e. Face painting

5. In what type of homes did the Navajo live?
a. Teepees
b. Hogans
c. Longhouses
d. Wigwams
e. Wikiups

6. What direction did the Navajo people have the doors of their houses face?
a. North
b. South
c. East
d. West
e. It didn`t matter

7. The name Navajo comes from a Spanish word. The Navajo people called themselves Dine. What did this mean?
a. Sun nation
b. Spirit land
c. Nation of the south
d. Desert land
e. The people

8. What were the three main crops that the Navajo people grew?
a. Lettuce, beans, and cabbage
b. Wheat, cotton, and tobacco
c. Tobacco, corn, and grapes
d. Corn, squash, and beans
e. Cabbage, olives, and corn

9. True or false: Today the Navajo Nation reservation is very small when compared to other Native American reservations.

10. What animal did the Spanish introduce to the Navajo that changed much of their culture including their main form of art, what they ate, and the types of clothes they wore?
a. Sheep
b. Goat
c. Dog
d. Horse
e. Snake

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Navajo Nation page at /history/native_american_navajo.php.

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