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Native American Homes.

1. Which of the following statements best describes the types of homes built by Native Americans?
a. All of the tribes built exactly the same type of home
b. The type of home was different depending on the local materials and the lifestyle of the tribe
c. Only one family lived in a single home
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

2. What made the teepee an ideal home for the Great Plains Indians?
a. It was easy to pack up and move as they followed the bison herds
b. It was made from cedar trees which were abundant in the Great Plains
c. The bricks used to make the walls were easy to make with local materials
d. The thatched roof helped to keep the constant rain out of the home
e. It formed a long building that as many as 10 full families could live in

3. What type of home was commonly built by the Algonquian tribes of the Northwest?
a. Teepee
b. Longhouse
c. Wigwam
d. Hogan
e. Pueblo

4. What material was commonly used to build a wigwam?
a. Cedar planks
b. Mud and thatch
c. Bison hides
d. Poles from trees and bark
e. Mud bricks

5. True or False: The Inuit in Alaska lived in homes made of ice called igloos.

6. What type of home was most likely to be used by a nomadic tribe?
a. Longhouse
b. Hogan
c. Pueblo
d. Wigwam
e. Teepee

7. What tribe lived in a thatched roof home with no walls called a Chickee?
a. Seminole
b. Navaho
c. Nez Perce
d. Blackfoot
e. Cheyenne

8. Which of the following statements is true about the Hogan?
a. It was a home lived in by the Navajo peoples
b. It used wooden poles for frames
c. The door usually faced the east to see the sunrise
d. There was a hole built into the roof for smoke to escape
e. All of the above

9. What type of home, similar to the Chickee but with walls, was built by the Cherokee Indians?
a. Longhouse
b. Wattle and daub
c. Pueblo
d. Teepee
e. Hogan

10. Where was the honored seat in the typical Native American household?
a. At the right of the door
b. Close to the fire
c. Facing the door
d. To the left of the door
e. All the places were the same

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Native American Homes page at /history/native_american_homes.php.

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