Native American Clothing

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Native American Clothing.

1. What was the main material that Native Americans used to make their clothes?
a. Cotton
b. Wool
c. Feathers
d. Animal hides
e. Hemp

2. What was the process used to help animal skins last a long time?
a. Decomposing
b. Tanning
c. Dying
d. Soaking
e. Stitching

3. True or False: Native American men often wore lots of clothes including shirts, pants, jackets, and socks regardless of the weather.

4. What was the most common piece of clothing worn by the men?
a. Cloak
b. Leggings
c. Shirt
d. Socks
e. Breechcloth

5. What were some items that Native Americans used to decorate their clothes with?
a. Porcupine quills
b. Animal fur
c. Glass beads
d. Feathers
e. All of the above

6. What type of clothing did the women of the Apache and Cherokee tribes commonly wear?
a. Breechcloths
b. Wool skirts
c. Buckskin dresses
d. Cotton shirts
e. None of the above

7. What was the type of soft leather shoes that were worn by most Native Americans?
a. Sandals
b. Moccasins
c. Crocs
d. Sneakers
e. Saddle Shoes

8. What part of the animal was sometimes used in tanning due to its chemical properties?
a. The brain
b. The heart
c. The kidneys
d. The hoofs
e. The tongue

9. What event in history caused Native American tribes to come more in contact with each other and begin to wear more similar clothing?
a. The Civil War
b. The Transcontinental Railroad
c. The rise of the Aztec Empire
d. The arrival of the Europeans
e. The Great War of the Tribes

10. When the plains Indians went into battle, they sometimes wore armor made of this material?
a. Steel plating
b. Bronze
c. Bones
d. Wood
e. Iron

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