Native American Art

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Native American Art.

1. What southwestern tribe became famous for their woven rugs and blankets?
a. Seminole
b. Cherokee
c. Apache
d. Navajo
e. Nez Perce

2. True or False: Native American art was exactly the same throughout the tribes in North America?

3. Sand painting, masks, and totem poles were often tied in with what other area of Native American culture?
a. Religion
b. Agriculture
c. Science
d. Education
e. Politics

4. In what region of the country were totem poles most often built?
a. Southeast
b. Southwest
c. Great Plains
d. Northwest
e. Texas

5. Who was the medicine man for the Lacota Sioux tribe who sold his drawings to William Caton?
a. Geronimo
b. Sitting Bull
c. Black Hawk
d. Eagle Feather
e. Tecumseh

6. Which of the following was a type of art used by Native American tribes?
a. Totem poles
b. Painting
c. Weaving blankets and rugs
d. Basket weaving
e. All of the above

7. What did Native American artist Carrie Bethel become famous for?
a. Weaving bright blankets and rugs
b. Making beautiful jewelry
c. Basket weaving
d. Carvings of wildlife
e. Her ornate beading of clothing

8. True or False: Some tribes believed that when an animal mask was worn in a ceremony the person wearing the mask took on the spirit of the animal.

9. How were totem poles made?
a. They were carved from cedar wood
b. They were sculpted from clay
c. From the bones of giant bison
d. The were formed from a cement-like mud
e. They were chiseled from sand stone

10. Where does the word totem come from?
a. A Spanish word meaning tall tree
b. A Native American word meaning kinship
c. An English word meaning carry him
d. A Native American word meaning cedar
e. A French word meaning carving

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Native American Art page at /history/native_american_art.php.

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