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1. What land did the Vikings originally call home?
a. Germany
b. Scandinavia
c. Russia
d. Great Britain
e. France

2. What years cover the Viking Age of expansion?
a. 500 to 1000
b. 1000 to 1443
c. 900 to 1233
d. 800 to 1066
e. 1455 to 1700

3. Why did the English consider the Vikings to be barbarians?
a. Because they wore helmets with horns on them
b. Because they fought with giant axes
c. Because they raided religious monasteries
d. Because they could not speak English
e. Because they did not drink tea

4. What does the word Viking mean in Old Norse?
a. To raid
b. Bearded one
c. Snow people
d. Long ship
e. Sea people

5. What countries did the Vikings settle during the Viking Age?
a. England and Scotland
b. France and Russia
c. Germany and Iceland
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

6. What land did Leif Eriksson discover and settle long before Christopher Columbus?
a. India
b. Africa
c. England
d. Iceland
e. North America

7. What helped to put an end to the Viking Age and expansion?
a. When the French defeated the Vikings at Normandy
b. When the Vikings converted to Christianity
c. When the Vikings got tired of raiding and went home
d. When the Vikings stopped making their long ships
e. When the Vikings learned English

8. The end of the Viking Age is often marked by the Vikings losing a battle to what peoples?
a. The French
b. The Germans
c. The English
d. The Russians
e. The Irish

9. What type of ships did the Vikings use when exploring and raiding?
a. Longships
b. Canoes
c. Caravels
d. Galleys
e. Carracks

10. What type of shipbuilding method did the Vikings use to build their ships?
a. Sheet plywood construction
b. Stitch and glue
c. Clinker building
d. Cold molding
e. Sandwich construction

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